Update: Podcast to launch!

Our podcast partner, the IPWEA, will hold its Asset Management Congress “Communities for the Future, Infrastructure for the next generation” in Canberra, 14-16 August.  And Talking Infrastructure will be there – presenting and recording.

Talking Infrastructure will be selecting key topics, ideas and speakers at this congress to appear in our Talking Infrastructure Podcast.  The intention, however, is not to simply reproduce the congress in podcast form, as interesting as that might be, but rather to use the ideas presented as the core, and to augment the ideas presented by asset managers, with viewpoints from other specialists and other disciplines, in order to build up a more complex picture.   We will be drawing not only from the work of the invited speakers, but also from the commentary by the audience.  So be there!  Be in it!

This congress has been designed to be highly interactive  – see the full program details here

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