Your Comments now doubly important

I hope that you have enjoyed thinking about Doug Bartlett’s Four Post series on ‘words matter’.  So why not grab yourself a cup of coffee and sit down and write a comment?  If you agree with the interpretation that Doug has adopted, do tell him, and tell us why.  Equally, if you would have interpreted the words (and the challenge that goes with them) differently, tell us that, and why. If you have useful examples, add them.

There is plenty of scope here for comment and now there are TWO reasons for doing so.

  • As a thank-you to the blog poster, a courteous acknowledgement.
  • As potential for ideas, topics and speakers for our coming Podcast series

If you have not yet caught up with our news on our coming podcast, see our Weekly Roundup,  Sunday July 1st.  –  and watch for updates in our coming Sunday round-ups.


Latest comments show up in the right hand side bar here on the front page, as well as being attached to the post itself.   So add comment to any post. It doesn’t have to be the most recent to be seen.

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