AM is 40!

In 2024 we celebrate 40 years of Asset Management. We look back at what we have achieved – and look ahead to the next 40. Ruth Wallsgrove is flying out from the UK to join Penny Burns for the April Events in each city. Jeff Roorda will host the Sydney events and be joined by Gregory Punshon. Lou Cripps is cheering us on from Colorado.

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APRIL 14 TO 17

Both Penny and Ruth will be taking part in a panel discussion and available to talk to everyone during the conference



40:40 Vision for Asset Management Steve Walker, Head of Asset Management at STANTEC and Chris Adam, StrategicAM, are hosting a Special Meeting with Penny Burns and Ruth Wallsgrove, Talking Infrastructure at Stantec, Level 11, 515 St Pauls Terrace, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. This is an open meeting and all are welcome. Program – Penny Burns will look back at the last 40 years of asset management, from the very beginning in April 1984 and its early years, as described in her book ‘The Story of Asset Management’ recognising the three major waves we have experienced so far. Then she will be joined by Ruth Wallsgrove and the audience in looking forward to the next 40. 3- 5 pm -and then to the pub!


The Asset Institute’s Public Assets Collaborative Group is hosting a Special Meeting with Penny Burns and Ruth Wallsgrove “A 40:40 Vision for Asset Management” at QUT. This is a closed session.

FREE TIME – April 17th, April 20th, morning April 21st – contact us,



Discussions with Blue Mountains City Council Staff on their environmental approach to Asset Management and a presentation to the Board.


Free time, April 22nd – contact us


Penny will be speaking at the IPWC 24 on the 30th April.

Other meetings yet to be arranged – contact us if you would like to see us