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This story is told in five parts: each one reflecting the role I had at the time, the opportunities it presented and the questions that arose as I related the work to changes that were happening at that time.  Each part covers approximately two years in the period from 1984 to 1993.  The first two chapters in each part deal with the questions I explored at the time.  These are followed by two chapters “Reactions” and “Moving On”, which look at some of the things that happen when you are happily trying to change the world.

Publication is scheduled for early October but you can get a head start as Part One is available here, and free to download. Enjoy!

Part 1 – How it started, with a simple comment, in the South Australian water authority (here)

If you have ever wondered, where on earth you start when you have no information, you will enjoy Part One.

We are shortly to start working on volume 2 of this series by Talking Infrastructure. It will feature asset management in practice. We have plenty of manuals, guidelines, training courses and other works to tell us what we should do, but what we are lacking is information on ‘what works, what doesn’t, and WHY’. More information on this is to come. So keep watching.