DRAFT – Under Deliberation – This section will be updated.


Talking Infrastructure has been set up to help all infrastructure decision makers learn how to cope with the multiple changes now facing us. In this we are all learners. No one has experienced yet what the future might bring. Hence we are ‘learning from emerging futures’. This requires new skills, new attitudes. We wish to make this new learning available to all. So our community membership is free. Please sign up for community membership now. Later, if you wish to support us financially and to help shape and guide our actions, you may wish to become a full member. It is optional.

Community membership (FREE)

Community members may

  • contribute to discussion on the site;
  • lead or take part in research teams and joint publications;
  • use information on the site in their own publications and presentations (with attribution);
  • make suggestions to the Board, and;
  • take part in any events that may be organised.

Full Membership

Full members can do anything that community members can do, and, in addition, they may:

  • vote and stand for board membership;
  • have access to all 400 issues in the “Strategic Asset Management” archives, and;
  • receive discounts on any events, products or services the Association may provide.

The membership fee is being determined, and membership fees are tax deductible.

All who sign up as full members before the end of the year (on or before 31 December 2016) will become Foundation Members and their names will be recorded and displayed on the website.

Board membership

Board membership is by election and is limited to those who have been full members for at least one year.

Fees are tax deductible.