Maintenance and Asset Management Information Systems by Norman Eason

Today we uploaded Part 4 of this serial. See what is available – and come back next week for more. .. May 15. All remaining parts have now been added. This is now the whole thing. Enjoy!


Part One

Chapter 1, p.01  Scope of this book – what’s in it and what’s not

Chapter 2, p.12  Maintenance and Asset Management – the difference between them

Chapter 3, p. 22 Data and Information, Pt 1 – not the technology but the use

Part Two

Chapter 3, p. 35 Data and Information, Pt 2 – differing needs of Maintenance and Asset Manaagement

Chapter 4, p.45 Objectives of Maintenance and Asset Management Systems – differences due to the attitudes of company management and maintenance operations

Part Three

Chapter 5, p.58 The nature of the problem – and the problem of lock-in

Chapter 6, p.71 Codes – the way an organisation describes itself in an information system

Part Four

Chapter 7, p.83 Functions – how to ensure the functions you need are fhe functions you get

Chapter 8, p.87 Technology – trends to be aware of

Chapter 9, p.99 Culture – a new and different framework for thinking about information systems

Part Five

Chapter 10, p.110 Evolution – when does the implementation of a new system end?

Chapter 11, p.120 Interconnection – maintenance systems are not the first to be computerised

Chapter 12, p.130 Methodologies – with the maturity of methodology comes a new are of divergence

Chapter 13, p.135 Traditional approach to product development – evolution v revolution

Part Six

Chapter 14, p.142 Successful procurement for through-life effectiveness – 5 areas that need to be addressed

Part Seven

Chapter 15, p. 172 Objective assessment of progress – productivity is the act of bringing a  company closer to its goals.

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