Weekly RoundUp

What’s new this week?

Announcement :  Categories have been added to all of the posts we have uploaded so far.  Existing categories are

  • Understanding Infrastructure
  • New Perspectives
  • The Four Transitions, namely
    • From Efficiency to Effectiveness
    • From Sustainability to Adaptability
    • From Risk to Resilience under Uncertainty
    • From Growth to Prosperity for all
  •  The Weekly RoundUp

Explanations of these categories can be found by clicking on “Categories” in the main menu or by clicking on any of the individual categories.

Commentary;  This week we have four extremely thoughtful and extensive comments by Doug Bartlett, one each to the last four posts as a start to further conversation, so join in, comment on the post or on any comment.  And just a reminder to all, to see the comments associated with each post, remember to click ‘comments’ in the post menu

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