An antidote to thoughtlessness

Nobody likes being told what to do. So ‘Maintenance and Asset Management Information Systems’ doesn’t. Norman Eason’s vast experience and insightful observations will simply help you think it out for yourself! Much more enjoyable.

Part 2 of our serialisation of Norman Eason’s ‘Maintenance and Asset Management Information Systems’ addresses the problem of data into information.  

My own experience – and I suspect yours also – is that when data storage became so cheap as to be ignored, we also tended to ignore data relevance.  Early tendencies were to collect whatever we could – and figure out its use later. Are we still doing this? 

Are you really sure?

Why not check? In Part 2 of Norman’s book, now available on the Talking Infrastructure website, Norman addresses the practical needs of both maintenance AND asset management – and makes a clear distinction between the two.  

His work is easy, and it is fun to read.

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