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It may be hard now to imagine a time when we didn’t have asset management so let’s go back almost 40 years ago to when it started, a time when our spending on assets was hand written on file cards, before AIS existed, before fax machines (remember them?), and before computers were everywhere.  How did we go from practically nothing to where we are today?  Well, it has taken 40 years.  This is the story of the first ten: how it all started – and why.

Here we go behind-the-scenes to see how the idea arose and grew and how it was influenced by the economic, political and administrative changes taking place at the time in the Australian government and, indeed, around the world.  We look at the challenges, successes and setbacks – and many of the funny things that happened along the way.  So join this journey into the past and gain a deeper understanding of the foundation on which contemporary asset management principles are built.

Available both in print and ebook versions from Amazon (kindle) and other on line booksellers (epub). All proceeds support the work of Talking Infrastructure.

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