Are we mad?

Filling buckets from water trucks

Filling up from water trucks. Courtesy: Planet Thoughts.

In Australia, our regional cities are struggling for lack of activity and our capital cities are at risk of becoming disfunctional, particularly on the fringes, because of too much activity!  The activity I speak of is infrastructure investment.

Why are we so hell-bent on developing mega cities?  Big does not mean strong.  It does not mean resilient. There is a lot of evidence world wide. Consider:

A horror story – current and continuing

The problems of Mexico City.  See Mexico City, parched and sinking, faces a water crisis, an interactive report by the New York Times.

Now ask yourself, what lessons could we learn from this – and how many of the problems being faced there are exacerbated, even created, by high urban densities.  And if water is not enough of a problem for you, consider transport, social and environmental issues.   How many of our problems do we bring on ourselves? And how could we better manage by re-directing our growth efforts?

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