New! The ‘Talking Infrastructure’ Podcast

‘Talking Infrastructure’ is about to produce a podcast series.  Its focus is “rethinking infrastructure decision making for the 21st century”.


We are delighted to welcome the partnership of the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) in this venture.

Thinking IDM

Public infrastructure investments typically have a long life, affect large populations with diverse needs, extend over large territories, and are not only difficult (and sometimes impossible) to change or undo, but have high capital and ongoing costs, and substantial (and often insufficiently recognised) opportunity costs.  For all these reasons, public infrastructure decision making has always been challenging.  In other words, we have always had to think!

Rethinking IDM

But there is now an extra dimension.   Change is always with us, so why do we consider 21st century change more critical? (Apart from the fact that it is where we are now!)

First there is the magnitude, rapidity and scope of change occurring simultaneously on many fronts – technological, demographic, environmental – as well as in public attitudes towards our key decision makers in government, institutions, science, finance and education..  There is a major political shift occurring across the world increasing the sense of fear and scarcity, just when technological change is increasing the opportunity for us to have hope and abundance.  To which must be added the need to address cyber terrorism and the communication difficulties introduced by a post-truth world.

If ever rethinking was necessary, it is now.

Our intended audience is all who want, or need to, understand and shape the future of public infrastructure.

This includes academics, bureaucrats, politicians, and political advisors, as well as investors, financiers, and, of course, asset managers.

Keep watching, more information to come!


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