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A time for gratitude.  The Talking Infrastructure Blog started on July 29 and since then, with the help of Mark Neaseby, Gregory Punshon, Jeff Roorda and Geoff Webb (thanks guys!) we have uploaded 46 posts and attracted 80 comments.

Our thanks to all readers for their presence here and I hope that it has got you thinking more about infrastructure decision making.  And for those special readers who submit comments, let me say that I regard each and every one of them as a present and I take great delight in unwrapping them and discovering the truths they reveal.  It is a curiosity of the complex world of infrastructure decision making that we can all much appreciate the arguments of others even whilst arguing against!

And if you should choose to use the holiday break for some practical or philosophical reflection on IDM issues -know that the web is always open!



One Thought on “Presence – and Presents

  1. Many have commented on social media on the disappointments of 2016. It has, on many fronts, been a challenging year. But there is much good as well. I have seen positive progress in humanity’s understanding of the importance of long-term thinking, and I am so glad to see that we are still focusing on using technology to improve our life and the lives of others. Rather than a fad like so many social memes, the use of smart technologies to solve problems both large and small continues to fascinate us. And this fascination is apparent throughout society. We talk about it, blog about it, and share videos of new technologies and smart implementations of what we already know.

    We also see continued expansion of communications technology in developing nations, bringing improved understanding and education to our neighbors. We study technology acquisition costs and how they are so much lower for those coming after the first world. It is delightful to see the speed at which people’s lives can improve.

    2017 will see these trends continuing, and I’m hopeful for improved global understanding of the importance of Infrastructure Decisions.


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