AGM 2019

The full agenda, together with a list of nominees, will be available on this page by December 13. The Chairman’s Report and The Treasurer’s Report are linked below.  Other papers relevant to agenda items will published on this page as they become available.

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on December 20. By our regulations two board positions are open to election this year. Laura Mabikafola has been appointed to the casual vacancy left by the departure of Mark Buckerfield, our Secretary/Treasurer, and by regulation the position is now open to election. Laura Mabikafola will stand for ellection. Penny Burns, our current chair, is standing down and will stand for re-election.

Should you wish to nominate a person to stand for ellection, please confirm the willingness of your nominee to take up the position and submit the name of your nominee along with their contact details and qualifications for the job to by December 6 2019.

Any agenda items that you would like to submit can be sent to the same address or to the chair and should also be submitted by December 6.

Chairman’s Report and Treasurer’s Report

Chairman and Treasurer Reports 2019