Our Values

We are:

Positive (We recognise that there is little to be gained by complaining and whingeing. So even though we may be passionately against some action or proposition, we will seek always to express our ideas in a positive fashion).

Helpful (Our aim is to help decision makers make better, more considered decisions and this will drive all of our contributions on the website and our approach on the podcast).

Open minded (We will not consider ourselves to be the ‘font of all knowledge’, instead we always seek to know more. We are here to learn, both individually and together).

Considered (We don’t ‘shoot from the hip’ but think carefully about what we say. Challenge is a necessary part of our work and we will seek always to challenge and to respond positively when we are, in turn, challenged).

Considerate (We recognise that there are many perspectives and what one may consider a detrimental move another may consider a positive one – and both can be right!. We don’t insult others. We seek to understand).

Collaborative (We know that we cannot go it alone and we deliberately seek out others with different perspectives, and when we do we ‘first seek to understand, and only then to be understood’. We will create and take opportunities for discussion, collaborative research and publication).