Aims and Objectives of the Association

The aims of the association

1. The social aim is to smooth the transition from a 20th Century world in which large, centralised, physical infrastructure and services dominate, to a 21st Century world with individual and customised service delivered from digital infrastructure, and to do this through the decisions that we make.
2. The educational aim is to help decision-makers, their organisations, and the public to better understand the ways in which infrastructure shapes our lives and how to take these into account in decision-making.
3. The collaborative aim is to work as a catalyst to bring together the many disciplines who are currently acting in silos, to share and grow their infrastructure knowledge and perspectives.

The objectives of the association

A. To help infrastructure decision-makers understand and cope with the challenges that rapid technological and social change presents.
B. To create a better educated public able to recognise and support good decision-making in the public interest.
C. To establish a library of infrastructure-related articles, and provide a forum for discussion of their content.
D. To assist local government, state and federal government, as well as private and not-for-profit, entities in their infrastructure decision-making
E. To bring together the many groups, associations and disciplines that are currently working in the infrastructure decision space so that their knowledge and perspectives may be shared and magnified
F. To initiate, grow and support a discipline of public infrastructure analysis.
G. To work in co-operation with all groups and associations who share our aims.